About Me

My name is Daniils Voluiko. I am 20 years old. I was born in Latvia but have been living in Ireland for 20 years now. My hobbies include gaming, driving, editing and programming. This is my website where i will showcase a few of my projects from my course. Below you will find a link to my module reflection website, My adobe portfolio, and a link to a website that i found interesting. The website is a online art gallery and you can look at many different art pieces.



Featured Project A

Real Joiner
Responsive Image

This is a Real joiner that i have made in the Communication, Design and Illustration module. It was made using over 30 different photos of my shoes. Each photo was different and was taken at different angles. When i put all the images together i was able to make this image. It almost looks like as if its a normal picture of a pair of shoes.

Featured Project B

Shoe Design
Responsive Image

This is another project i made in the Communication, Design and Illustration module. This is a shoe design that i have come up with myself. I used a vans shoe to start off. I then had to trace the image and make shapes to match the original shape of the shoe. After that i had to make a background and make the shoe look nice with the background. I was happy with the final product. I think it looks nice and i would definetly buy a shoe like that